We can divide our lives into 7-year periods, each with their own characteristics. These periods have the qualities of the planets.

In general, we start off with three 7-year periods in which we develop our physical-, ether-, and astral bodies. After that we start connecting these three bodies with the I-consciousness. This is a period of 21 years in which we first learn to take some responsibility for the astral body, then the ether body and lastly the physical body. Then we can say that we are more or less adults and start out conscious lives. Then the three last 7-year periods start.

Naturally these 7-year periods do not change abruptly; they flow gently into the next period. These 7-year periods show the 'normal' development. Each individual may get 'stuck' at a certain stage or jump one through trauma's. Mostly we get another chance to go through that stage later in life.

Moon. Age group 0-7 years. In this period the child has to learn to cope with a physical body. A child learns by imitation, by mirroring his surroundings. Almost everyone will have had the experience of seeing a child copying the traits and words of his parents without really knowing what he was doing.

Mercury. Age group 7-14 years. In this period the child runs and jumps and is generally mobile. He starts making social contacts, usually without lasting long. He wants to know how things work and will ask a thousand questions, often without really listening to the answer.

 Venus. Age group 14-21 years. In this period we learn that we have feelings and we experiment with them. We try out how far we can go with rage and see if crying or sulking can change the rules. We make emotional friendships and either love or hate our teachers. Nothing is gray; it is either black or white. Love for leaders and underdogs; in between is boring.

 Sun. Age group 21-42 years. In this long period of 21 years we first repeat the Venus stage of our lives from 21-28 on a more conscious level. We become aware of subtle differences in our emotions and generally learn to control them with reason. We build up more lasting friendships and learn to compromise.

From 28-35 years of age we repeat the Mercury stage. In these years we usually work at our stations in life. Jobs are important, money, careers. Often we move house. We have many social contacts with the family group as a centre.

From 35-42 years of age we start looking back at what we have done with our lives. In this period we usually have what is called the mid-life crisis. We see that there are many things we could have done but didn't and sometimes frantically try to do them now. We also look at our relationships and sometimes find that we have grown apart so look for new ones or new values in the existing one. It is a period of reflection. But once we have gone through this we can really use our energy constructively. Life starts at 40, as they say.

 Mars. Age group 42-49 years. This can be a very energetic time of life. Once we are through the mid-life crisis we have found direction in our lives. We now know what we want to do and how to do it. So without further ado we set about doing it. On the other hand if we got stuck in the Moon-repeat, we lose energy, become negative and often just sit around and sulk or do our jobs without pleasure.

 Jupiter. 49-56 years. When all has gone well however, we start developing a broadness of view in this period of our lives. We start seeing the connections in society on earth. We also start being able to use these connections to broaden our own work. This is the energy that creates multi-nationals, not only in the business sense of the word.

 Saturn. 56-63 and onwards. Now comes the period of insight. After having lived for such a time we start seeing the cycles of life pass before our eyes. We see the patterns and do not get upset by incidental situations anymore. We know that it has happened before and will happen again. This often leads us to search for the 'why' of life and possibly even find some satisfactory answers. When we have found these answers we are at peace with life and can be a great support to our surroundings.

Moon nodes

Every 18.7 years the Moon completes its full cycle. This cycle can also be found in our individual lives. Every 18 or 19 years we go through a Moon crisis. These are also periods in which the gateway to the Higher Self/pre-birth intentions is 'open' in a special way so glimpses of these may be had.

The first moon node is when we have finished our basic schooling and start taking life into our own hands. The Moon as portal or origin. Some find this very frightening and try to postpone it as long as possible. Others feel this period as a portal to freedom - finally the world is all their's and full of possibilities. The direction is outward.

The second moon node is around the 37th year. This is where we look back and reflect on what we have done with our lives. Here the direction is inward. Often parents and children reach a moon node period at more or less the same time. Because of the difference in direction this can cause problems.

The third moon node is around 56. This is the time of the menopause for both sexes. The body starts to change, physical activities become a matter of conserving energy. Some people think their lives are over and get stuck in this phase. Others go through it with joy and turn their attention elsewhere.

The fourth moon node is around 75. From this age onwards one is thought of as old and, as with all the other crisis periods, one can either go through it with joy and reach high earthly wisdom or get stuck and become a grumpy, complaining person.

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