The planet itself

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and is a huge planet and the first from the Sun without solid ground. It is made of hydrogen and helium like a star. It could even have been a star if it had had just a bit more mass. Now it is cooling down. But even now Jupiter gives off 2.5 times more heat than it receives from the Sun. In occult writings Jupiter sometimes is called 'the little sun'.

Jupiter strides through the zodiac in slightly more than 12 years. It makes nice equal loops - a different loop for each sign (opposite signs get opposite loops).

Jupiter can hold 1300 Earths. Jupiter turns very quickly on its axle and a Jupiter day only lasts 8 hours. Its atmosphere is thousands of miles thick and it has strangely formed cloud patterns of different colors. There is also the famous 'Red Spot', a hurricane which has been raging for hundreds of years. It was discovered 300 years ago and since 1845 it has circled the whole planet seven times. On Jupiter gravity reigns; it also has an extended magnetic field which can reach all the way to Saturn at times (about every 20 years).

Jupiter qualities - psychologically

Jupiter has two sides: that of the king and that of a great teacher. He sees the lines into the far future and plans towards a far and high goal. Jupiter, the largest planet of the solar system (1300 x the Earth) is also the largest in his ideas. He oversees the total and as a king he royally rules; as a teacher he is the highest.

The domain of Jupiter is in the world of thinking. Because he oversees the lines into the future - and none of the other planets do - many of the things he does seem like manipulation to the others in retrospect. As of course it is, but not always meant to be like that. Jupiter learns quite early in life that nobody else can see as far and nobody else is really interested, so he learns either not to say too much about it (and thus manipulates) or he does say it (knowing that no one will listen).

Jupiter is always right. At least no one notices if he makes a misjudgment because long before his predictions become present time he has seen his mistake and has compensated for it.

It is obvious that the position of Jupiter is a lonely one ('it's lonely at the top'). But the knowledge he has compensates this. Feelings are not important. What matter to feel sad or shocked that a culture is disappearing if it is necessary for the future of mankind. Or why bother that his son has just achieved his swimming diploma (that is to be expected of a boy and normal) when the future of his business must be thought out. Without his business going well the son won't have a good future. But Jupiter can experience real joy, contentment and satisfaction when his plans work out. He has a basic optimism and faith in the cosmic wisdom.

The only one Jupiter can really communicate with is another Jupiter. Then the ideas are played with as in a game of chess on a high level. One other can reach Jupiter and that is Mercury in the role of a court jester to the king. Mercury is intelligent and quick to follow ideas and ready to make as many suggestions about the subject as possible and will also ridicule Jupiter's lofty ideas. This makes Jupiter rethink the subject and he appreciates Mercury for that trait, though Mercury is of course a child in his eyes and cannot be expected to act on these lines.

Jupiter is very strong in his will power. He knows his goal and works towards it logically and rationally. Mars also does this but Mars' goals are in the near future and he throws himself at them tempestuously. Jupiter's goals are in the far future and he works towards them quietly and determinedly. Nothing may come in between: not feelings, not social life. Jupiter will never just throw a party for fun and to pleasure friends. If Jupiter organizes a party it is on a large scale and with some ulterior motive in mind.

To quarrel with Jupiter is impossible as feelings do not count and short term goals are okay as long as they fit into the larger context. This can be infuriating for the other planets as they cannot reach Jupiter. If for some reason Jupiter does get angry his anger will be as huge as the planet's Red Spot and the 'hurricane' will last as long - be glad this hardly ever happens. Naturally two Jupiters can differ of opinion but that's what it is: a different opinion. If they can't convince each other on the base of logic, they will smile and say: Well, we'll see who's right in the end. I look forward to finding out.

Though other planets resent Jupiter from time to time they also feel very safe in his presence: Jupiter will know what to do; Jupiter will solve the problems. He is a father figure or the good king in fairy tales. He is stable, forgives his children's mistakes (they know not what they do), he is wise. People trust him, he is fair, though they feel he is cold and distant. Emotional problems are solved rationally.

The Jupiter age group is from 49-56. When all has gone well, we start developing a broadness of view in this period of our lives. We start seeing the connections in society on Earth. We also start being able to use these connections to broaden our own work. This is the energy that creates multi-nationals - not only in the business sense of the word.

The part of the body ruled by Jupiter is the liver. The liver is an organ which keeps track of the most and has the most diversified functions.

Schooling task for Jupiter: If he does not already do so, he should find goals for the well-being of all mankind. His great thinking power should work for the good of all. Furthermore he should learn that feelings of the moment are real and should be considered. (His little son might grow up warped if he does not get attention now - and then what will he be able to do with the great business?) If Jupiter can assimilate some of Venus' power of empathy, then he will really be a great man.

Example: In the example of the burst of the dike: Jupiter already has plans ready for exactly such a situation and he will have everything well-organized within a minimum of time. He will not find it necessary to be there himself. His time can be used better by finding out how the burst came about and what to do to remedy such failures in the future.

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