The planet itself

Mars has a thinner atmosphere than Earth and has two small moons (Deimos, panic and Phobos, fear) which are the darkest objects in the solar system. There are many sand storms that last for weeks on end. When Mars rises in the morning sky it remains constant, shining quietly for a long time. And then all of a sudden, in one month it rushes through all the 12 signs of the zodiac and then disappears. It makes wild loops. Every other year you can see it for a few months. When seen from Earth Mars looks red.

Mars qualities - psychologically

For Mars the world is made to work in. He is a builder, dynamic, mobile, enthusiastic. He looks for projects and throws himself into them completely. He does not understand when others do not work with the same unrelenting fire. Problems are made to be solved, though the solutions are short term solutions. He is a fighter and will fight for his ideas either physically or verbally. People are instruments to be used for his projects. With his enthusiasm he often gets people to do things they did not know they could do.

Mars is also a talker. Speech is used as an instrument to get done what he wants done. He will talk about anything and likes to convert others to his opinions. Often he does not realize that he does not know enough about the subject, but will bash on just for the sake of a good fight. In this he does not always keep to the truth - winning counts, right now. And one wins by strength and conviction. Mars has something of a demagogue in him. also of a missionary: his project is idealistically important and everyone has to know it, agree with it and work for it.

Because Mars is a short term thinker he solves problems in the present and near future. Long term thinking is impossible for him. There are too many things to be done right now. The future can take care of itself. It always has and so there is no reason to think about it. Philosophers are daydreamers to him; they do nothing practical. In war Jupiter is the general and Mars the sergeant.

Mars is obviously as strong as an oak in his will power, though often vague in his motives. You can picture the past with hordes of Mongols hurtling across the plains wildly overrunning all opposition. He does not think about himself; it's a waste of time. Energy in times of peace must be used to construct something with. But like iron Mars qualities are brittle if not mixed with other things - it also oxydizes quickly. Mars can have an iron discipline which can easily become rigid and inflexible.

In feeling Mars is strong, assertive - with respect to his projects. Full of enthusiasm, but rather insensitive to feelings of others. His own feelings are all directed towards his project - other feelings are not practical and not tolerated. Quarrels are hot and can lead to breaking off the relationship unless the other is necessary for the project and is prepared to keep working at it. In the last case Mars will accept that and forget the quarrel shortly afterwards. His feelings can change quickly according to mood. He is straight-forward and impulsive. Quick to fury (sees red, bile), quickly back to working with enthusiasm - like on the planet Mars there are sudden ferocious sandstorms which end as quickly. Also the planet Mars has two moons: Deimos (means: panic, horror) and Phobos (means: fear). These are the darkest objects in our solar system.

His relationships with people center on work and the relationship is kept as long as the work is. He can often work well with Venus (both are practical, though from a different point of view). Mercury irritates him by not being serious enough; Mercury makes jokes about the work and that is intolerable for Mars. Mars does not have a sense of humor or relativity. He can work well for Jupiter if Jupiter does not bother him about long term management and lets him free within his own domain. Saturn does not act quickly enough to please Mars and also asks 'difficult' questions. The working relationship with Moon is reasonable as Moon respects Mars.

The age group which show Mars' qualities the most clearly is from 42-49. Once you have got through the mid-life crisis and found your true goal in life, there is much energy to achieve this and Mars goes for it.

As with Venus who sometimes thinks she is Saturn, so Mars sometimes thinks he is Jupiter. He does not like to accept the fact that he is not a long term thinker. Mars jumps to conclusions and acts on them. This is something Jupiter would never do. Jupiter oversees the consequences of a deed even generations ahead because he has a plan of the future in his head. Mars reacts to the situation as it presents itself.

In the body the gall and larynx belong to Mars. The larynx functions as a lid to stop food and water going into the lungs. Mars should learn to keep a 'lid' on it in life. Of course the larynx also operates the voice, which is a speciality of Mars. The liver continuously produces gall which is used both for digestion and getting rid of waste products. The gall is stored in the gall bladder. If the gall is not used on time and the gall bladder gets too full, one gets gallstones.

Schooling task for Mars: Mars should learn to find strength in holding back. He should try to find motives for the good of mankind and discipline himself to use them as a yardstick in his projects. He should also learn flexibility and to respect people who work and live through other impulses.

Example: In the situation of the burst in the dike and the resulting flood: while Venus is serving soup and comfort, Mars is putting out sandbags to stop the flood from spreading. He sees that this must be done immediately and does it.

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