Saturn - Fir, Beech, Cypress


Aphorism by Dr. Hemleben:

Through the trees of dark woods speaks thus the leaden Saturn, through firs, beech and cypress: Oh Man, feel the responsibility for the needs of your times and of all mankind. Take upon you the task which life has given you in all profoundness and gravity.

What would one look for to find Saturn qualities in trees? Saturn-ruled trees are dark, stately and impenetrable. Not much can grow beneath them. They would have deep roots and be unmovable. Saturn trees could make do with but little nourishment from the soil and they would prefer a solitary place.

The beech and cypress are solitary trees and woods of fir trees tend to have only firs.

A strange thing about fir trees in combination with Saturn is that they do not root deeply; strong winds can uproot them. So in the fir we can see the young Saturn-ruled person who still has to find his roots.

Sun - Ash


Aphorism by Dr. Hemleben:

Through the Christly high rising ash, the tree of the golden sun speaks thus: Oh Man, be upright and distinguished, do not squander yourself on unworthiness. Be conscious of your human nobility.

A tree ruled by the Sun will be strong, high, open. The ash is a forest tree that can grow up to 40 metres high. It has a straight trunk with on top a strikingly arched crown. The roots do not grow deep but it has very strong horizontal roots. It needs a nourishing soil preferably close to water. The crown is open and lets lots of light through so there is a rich vegetation beneath it.

Moon - Cherry tree


Aphorism by Dr. Hemleben:

Through the blossoming cherry tree whose flowers ripen to fruits in the summer speaks thus the silvery moon: Oh Man, transform the lower into the higher as do the plants. Purify the desires, become ripe and harvest life's fruit.

There are different types of cherry trees. One type has very regularly placed branches which are stiff and straight. The other type has branches which are much thinner and droop somewhat. Also the branches are irregularly placed.

The flowers are very decorative and abundant. The cherry tree is the national tree of Japan.

Mars - Oak


Aphorism by Dr. Hemleben:

Through the grumpy oak, servant of iron Mars speaks thus: Oh Man, root deeply and rise high, be powerful and strong. Be warriors, knights and protectors.

The oak is one of the oldest trees in Europe and even now there are living oaks that are 1800 years old.

The crown is open and formed by crooked branches which lets lots of light through, so an oak forest has much ground vegetation which it also needs because it can not provide good nourishment on its own.

Mercury - Elm


Aphorism by Dr. Hemleben:

The quicksilvery Mercury speaks through the living growth of the elm and its winged seeds: Oh Man, be mobile, be active, lively and quick.

The elm is a large tree with a closed dark green crown with often a sympodial branching system in two clear rows. The leaves also grow in two rows along the twigs. The upper side of the leaves feels like sandpaper but the underside is soft and somewhat dewy. The elm grows best in nitrogen rich soil. In Holland elms have almost disappeared because of disease.

Jupiter - Maple


Aphorism by Dr. Hemleben:

Through the maple with its wide-spread leaves speaks Jupiter for whom tin is holy: Oh Man, conquer the haste and agitation in yourself. Seek times of rest so goodness and wisdom can be born.

The maple tree is not a very large tree, some 20 metres high, but because of the flat way the leaves grow it gives a very nice shadow. The flowers give lots of honey to insects.

Venus - Birch


Aphorism by Dr. Hemleben:

Through the virgin birch that does not root deeply and lets through much light speaks the coppery Venus: Oh Man, develop your soul with tenderness, admire the beauty of the world lovingly.

A birch forest is beautiful and mysterious. The white bark makes everything seem light and silvery. The trees grow to a height of 30 metres. They lose their leaves early in autumn. Strange little bushes grow in the crown that are called 'witches brooms' (literal translation from Dutch). Formerly people attributed mystical properties to the birch, probably because of these witches brooms. Actually these are miniature birches caused by fungi.

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